Event Public Relations

If your company participates in trade shows, conferences and industry-sponsored events and you are looking to increase your mindshare through media and analyst attendance at your event, then you should explore what COGNITIVE IMPACT can do for you.

Trade Shows, Conferences and Industry-Sponsored Events
Trade shows, conferences and industry-sponsored events represent significant opportunities to increase mindshare and garner maximum media and analyst exposure. Press and analysts from around the world regularly attend these events looking for material to cover in their respective media and analyst outlets. Is your company going to be the one that gets covered? Or will it be your competition?

The methodologies and reputation that COGNITIVE IMPACT has developed for representing companies at trade shows and events builds on decades of experience in working with companies ranging from industry start ups making their first appearance, to Fortune 500 and Global 1000 leaders in a myriad of industries.

We know the press and the analyst communities intimately, and they know us, and we are able to deliver them to you.

I already advertise, why do I need PR at a trade show, conference or event?

In the world of print, editorial coverage is always perceived by the readership to be more credible and impactful than an advertisement, which is bought and paid for. Because it is a publication's editorial staff who pen the articles that are printed, they are always regarded by the readers to be unbiased and informed. Furthermore, if one equates the white space (articles, product reviews, features, spotlights, by-lines and interviews) secured by COGNITIVE IMPACT for your company in terms of ad dollars, WE WILL ALWAYS SAVE YOU MONEY. This is because we can often represent your company at an event for around what it costs to place a single full-page ad in a single tier one publication. If, for that price, you were able to garner exposure in dozens of publications and on-line media sites that target your industry instead of one, why would you NOT consider COGNITIVE IMPACT?

In a normal event venue, you have already spent a significant sum of money to design your company's booth, transport it and your products back and forth, pay for venue fees and the like. Then there's the expense of flying personnel in to man your booth and to house and feed them for the duration of the show. For the small incremental cost of event PR coverage, are you going to miss the opportunity to ensure that your company receives widespread coverage for the months following the event?

So what exactly will you do for me in preparation for a trade show?

COGNITIVE IMPACT actually begins working for you months before a trade show even commences. We first work with you to develop effective positioning and messaging for the event, taking into account your corporate vision and venue goals. We then filter your input to develop a focused and highly targeted PR campaign that will ensure that the messaging is accurately and widely reflected in the media. COGNITIVE IMPACT will also investigate and recommend other communications vehicles to maximize your exposure. In parallel, we conduct a targeted screening of media and analysts that we feel are core to your audience and will start the on-site booth appointment setups. You are apprised of our activities at all times to ensure that there are no surprises before, during and after the event.

Need distribution or want to improve your channel structure? Need to develop a presence with analysts in preparation for an IPO or additional funding round? Whatever your need, we've done it - time and time again.

COGNITIVE IMPACT will also develop a cohesive and targeted media kit to help ensure that your company gets covered in publications critical to your industry or market sector for months following a trade show. This media kit will usually contain your corporate information, product and venue positioning information, data sheets and other pertinent information specific for the show. If you require additional collateral or multimedia inserts such as interactive CDs or product videos, COGNITIVE IMPACT'S graphics and advertising department will work closely with you to develop them - on time and consistently below budget.

From many months to weeks prior to the event, COGNITIVE IMPACT will contact all press, analysts and media relevant to your company and solicit them to visit your booth. We will educate them on the relevance and importance of your company and its products or services in the markets in which you are active and set appointments with these individuals. What differentiates us from the competition is our human and personal approach to garnering press and analyst visits - we are relentless in our quest and consistently successful in our execution. Whether your goal is a press conference or a succession of individual on-site press visits - we deliver.

What will you do for me at the event itself?

At the event itself, COGNITIVE IMPACT will station personnel in your booth to act as liaisons to media and analysts. Our staff has long-standing relationships with the media and analysts from a diversity of industries and will be on hand to meet them, making any necessary introductions to the executive staff or representative(s) of your company. We will shadow media and analyst personnel as they tour your booth, making sure that they understand your company and its products in relation to the readership of their respective publication, analyst or media site. Afterward, we will spend one-on-one time with each editor or analyst to negotiate a variety of post-show stories, product reviews, technical articles or interviews featuring your company and your products or services.

We never stand idle at an event and believe in being proactive for our clients. When there is a gap between booth visits, you'll find us scouring the halls, publications' booths and press areas, searching and negotiating for more press and analyst visits. During the show, we will make regular visits to press room to make sure that there's an ample supply of your media kits. The bottom line is simple - we believe in quantifiable results. Our first priority is to garner as much editorial coverage as possible, followed by building the ‘warm-and-fuzzy' relationship between the media or analyst and yourself. Also, if there's a show daily newspaper - expect to see your products or services featured.

What deliverables can I expect following the event?

An added benefit of using trade show PR is that following the event, you will receive a comprehensive report detailing all of the editorial that COGNITIVE IMPACT has negotiated on your behalf. You will know when these features will run, where, actions taken and in what publications. If you are already advertising in some of these outlets, this information is invaluable in crafting cohesive and effective messaging that will reflect what is written in the editorial, ensuring strong synergy in your positioning and call to action in your advertisements. You can even have us send a few copies to your competition.

Call COGNITIVE IMPACT today to discuss how we can put your company on the lips of everyone who attends your next trade show, conference or industry sponsored event.

The only thing you have to lose by not calling us is your company's mindshare.