Event Management

If you sponsor or organize events or trade shows, you owe it to yourself to explore what COGNITIVE IMPACT can do for you. Our track record of implementing trade shows proves that media relations combined with strategic marcom methodologies can increase attendance, mindshare and exposure for your event - resulting in increased revenue and profit.

Helping You Organize and Stage Your Event
COGNITIVE IMPACT has over twenty years of experience in event planning and coordination. Our relationships with the domestic and international press, media and analyst communities are long-standing and well-respected. The media is the most cost effective and efficient method to publicize and validate your event. Let COGNITIVE IMPACT put the media to work for you.

Why do I need a marketing communications agency?
Simply put, COGNITIVE IMPACT will let the world know about your event and why it is not to be missed. COGNITIVE IMPACT is uniquely positioned in a multitude of markets, ranging from consumer to professional to government. Our list of services goes far beyond mere event coordination to also encompass performing strategic PR and marketing to deliver to you the greatest number of effective resources to promote your event. From developing the ideas behind your event, to helping to solicit attendees and participants, to publicizing the event itself, to performing all the necessary follow-up and coordination, COGNITIVE IMPACT will be with you every step of the way.

What value-add can you offer me?

Securing Speakers - COGNITIVE IMPACT is well placed in a myriad of market sectors and can solicit and coordinate speakers for your event. Because of our ability to move seamlessly between press and media circles and corporate sectors, we are able to assess the public's perception of potential speakers and help you secure the most effective individuals to speak. We will also work closely with you to help develop relevant discussion topics and even help moderate roundtable discussions and exchanges. Need on-site or post webcast coordination, we can do that too.

Securing Sponsors - COGNITIVE IMPACT will also solicit support and sponsorship of your event from a variety of sources. These may include corporate sponsors, media and analyst sponsors, associations and even other event partners. The result - increased revenue and exposure.

Developing Messaging and Collateral - COGNITIVE IMPACT will work with you to help develop effective messaging and brand positioning for the event. How do you want to be perceived in the marketplace? What would compel companies to participate in your event and industry personnel to attend? We will help craft answers to these questions into a focused and highly targeted campaign that will ensure that this messaging is accurately and widely reflected in the media and other communications vehicles. COGNITIVE IMPACT also has a talented and specialized graphics team with experience in designing compelling collateral, brochures and advertisements that will inform the media, potential sponsors and attendees of your event while accurately delivering your messaging and positioning.

Attendee Research - COGNITIVE IMPACT is a noted market research firm with experience profiling companies and individuals who would benefit from attending your event. We will work closely with you to compose an exacting set of criteria for the ideal attendee and then enact a strategy and action plan to reach these individuals.

During the show, we can also extract information from attendees via web surveys and questionnaires to elicit opinions and impressions of your event. This feedback is invaluable for fine tuning your event and establishing methodologies for reaching attendees and companies for your next event.

Press and Analyst Registration - COGNITIVE IMPACT has a long-standing reputation with the press, media and analyst communities that spans more than two decades. Show events represent significant opportunities to increase mindshare and garner maximum press and media exposure. A multitude of editors from publications and analyst firms from around the world regularly attend these events looking for material to cover in their respective magazines and analyst outlets. Is your event going to be the one that gets covered? Or will it be your competition?

COGNITIVE IMPACT actually begins working for you months before your event even commences. Months and weeks prior to the event, COGNITIVE IMPACT will contact all press, analysts and media relevant to your event and solicit them to attend. We will educate them as to the relevance and importance of your show in the markets in which you are active and invite them to visit with you, as well as important exhibitors and dignitaries.

Most importantly, we will utilize all forms of hardcopy and on-line media, associations and analyst vehicles to publicize your event - before, during and following the show itself. By tapping our vast network of trade press, media outlets, financial and technology analyst firms, we will ensure that it will be your event that will be on everyone's lips going into the show.

On-site Coordination - COGNITIVE IMPACT will work for you at the event itself. We will station our personnel to greet and meet with attendees, exhibiting companies, keynote speakers and trade press and media representatives. We will be more than happy to also set up meetings between these individuals and yourself or other designated companies or personnel. Our staff will also take care of all related location management, contractors, scheduling and any related paperwork. This saves you time so that you can devote your resources and energies to doing what you do best - staging an event to remember.

Call COGNITIVE IMPACT today to discuss how we can put your next trade show or event in the limelight. The only thing you have to lose by not calling us is your market share.