Brand Marketing

COGNITIVE IMPACT will developed a unique and compelling value proposition for your brand and deliver that brand identity to your target customers in a compelling way. Genuine Brands exist as components to value added differentiators. Differentiation needs to be focused on the benefits to your customers and not production process related to your product or service. The primary concern of customers is: “what is in it for me?” Therefore, the brand value, or brand equity, is in the unique and distinctive characteristics that distinguish its offerings as unique to its customers. The critical issue for your company is how to differentiate your products and services in ways that your customers can appreciate their value. 

  • Brand Assessment: We will research your current brand SWOT - strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats from the perspective of the market, your customers, and your partners. A brand assessment  provides a review of the essential elements of your markets. The review focuses on customers, company orientation, the key attributes desired in a brand, and the characteristics and perceptions of your company and your product(s).

  • Brand Value Proposition: We develop  a core value propositions to help reposition you for growth; develop brand strategy and tactics to build stronger brand recognition and equity; and develop strategy and tactics to help best position you amongst your competitors.

  • Brand Communications: We develop winning editorial programs that garner consistent placements in hard copy and web portals.  Corporate backgrounders, press releases, application and technology articles, white papers, by-lines and other creative briefs result in media coverage for your executives, company, products, and services.

  • Partner and Customer Programs: We develop programs that propagate your unique value proposition and brand identity to your partner and customer relationships – enabling them to quickly identify opportunities that are a win-win for all resulting in shorter sales cycles, less discounting, and easier competitive wins.

In addition to differentiating your brand, COGNITIVE IMPACT has a full suite of services that will enable you to effectively and consistently communicate your brand's value proposition: